Monday, October 4, 2010

Dragon Slayer

Awesome 8min animation =D

Baby Santa's Trip to the Mall

Starts with close up of Baby Santa, with mom’s hand. His cheeks are rosey and his hands have jingle bells on them.

He is clearly toddling along, just a little guy. Camera pans to his other hand: he’s holding his toy chicken. The mall is busy and there are people everywhere.

His parents pass an Arabic store, he stops and is enchanted with the spinning windmills. He runs into the shop. He goes into the store, looking at all of the exotic things hanging from the ceiling and on all of the tall shelves. The store lady comes over and picks him up, putting a small glass reindeer in his hands. He forgets about his toy chicken and holds the reindeer with great care. He goes to show mommy and daddy, but they aren’t there! He looks around frantically, clutching the reindeer. The store keeper runs after him, he is frightened. He almost trips!

Mommy catches him and the deer. He smiles and she brings them back to the shop.

The storekeeper understands and pats the young Santa on the hand, she hands him back the reindeer and he smiles, clutches it tightly. He then looks around for his chicken?! He begins to cry, and the lady and daddy look and find his chicken.

He falls asleep in his mother’s arms, with chicken and reindeer in hand.