Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"EZER" short film- Update #2

Taric Background #3

"EZER" short film- Update

Dragon Background #1

Dragon Background #2

Taric from "Ezer" short film

Main male character: Taric

"Rosco the Dragon Rider"

If you've ever played "League of Legends" you know 2 things:
1. How addicting that game is
2. How amazing their characters are photoshopped.

So here's my first attempt at it.
Enjoy the Progression.
Originally it was just the dragon, then my professor gave us the Banjo Pig assignment...
well this is what happens.
Hope this helps!
Starts at bottom of post and works up. Thanks!

FINAL VERSION: (Click for Full Version)

Cloud from FF7


Banjo Pigs Assignment