Saturday, December 8, 2012

Video Tutorial

So, I thought about it....for a very long time, and I decided, why not right?
Soon, not yet, but soon, I will be uploading a video of how I do photoshop =)
It's just a rough piece, so no, you don't get all my tricks yet XD but this is a
generic, step by step, of what I do from sketch to final.

So, keep your eyes peeled...
OH! And have a wonderful Christmas!

A quick off topic Sketch

I was sick of homework, this took half a second and made me chuckle.
Thought I'd put it up for a giggle...and to show my drawing short hand. This is how i sketch =P Its not super pretty, but you can tell whats what. I feel like it works =)

P.S. do you wanna do my Advanced Development homework by any chance?????