Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fray: Concept - Color

More design work. Color this time! Wewt!!
There were a LOT of color changes, but I didn't bother to upload them. Sorry. =P Maybe Ill put them on the official website. We'll see.


More Concept Art

I warned you it was our next project! =P

Here's some more concept art for Fray, I think were getting closer!

Cheers n stuffs,

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Newest Thing: "Krono Keeper"

Some of you may know, but most of you may not, what we are currently working on in our spare time:
"Krono Keeper" our newest adventure in storytelling. If you'd like more info, please visit our ever evolving blog:
A bit of concept work for Frayette, or for short, "Fray."

She's still too mobster tho, more modern I think will be an order next.


Storyboard Practice - Max Steel

Just practicing camera and posing. I can't use them because I don't own Max Steel, nor do I work there... but here they can live and be FREEEEE....

Did I mention they are SUPER rough? Oh, no? Okay, I'll say it: They're SUPER ROUGH.

=P  Anyways, have a great day.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Study A Day Keeps The Doctor Away...?

Did a couple new studies.  Quick Work today: Lighting Study as well as Quick Anatomy.
Trying to get better... any improvements?
Hope so.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's play "Guess Who"

First one to guess who this is, gets a cookie =P

After a week or so, ill name who it is in the post topper.

Anyways, trying a new style, put the reference up so you can see how close I got, was pretty proud of it =D And no, I didn't trace thank you very much.

I got a lot more to learn, but hey, its a start.


New Portfolio!

Some of you may be wondering:

Where's all the new art huh?! Where have you BEEN!!!

Well, long story short: I had serious computer issues, that are now FINALLY FIXED!

And! I come bearing great news and a new website!

**The link at the top right corner of the page will work too. FYI**

See? At least I don't disappoint. Info on your thoughts would be great =)

Here's the image for the topper, another photoshop, this time with after effects animation too! Say, wow Jenn you have been busy! Well, yes, dear random viewer, I have been!

Enjoy the new site!