Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Green Lantern Analysis

You know what this is, let's waste no time to get moving!

Green Lantern Ep 7: Reckoning Character Placement Analysis

I've read through a few Storyboarding books and they said something interesting about character locations on the screen. Where we look on the set should carry through to the next frame if it's a continuous thought and should swap if it is not.
So I colored each character with their own color so I could follow the location without the distraction of their actual colors on the screen. Hal stays on one side until the flip that occurs when they look at the rocks. Then he stays mainly on the opposite side but we don't feel violated by it since there is a good break and good reason for the change.
An interesting study to try for certain. 

Green Lantern Ep 17: "Blue Hope" Analysis

Rule of Thirds & Camera distance.

Color to define difference in character traits as well as character placement.