Monday, March 17, 2014

Monster - Exploration Part 1

First part of my assignment for class, I had to just explore and make a monster with certain tool techniques.
However…. it turned into a turkey-cock… so I added spikes and took the hair off his back.

Thats a monster, right?
It's rough! SO be nice ^_^

Who knows,

1 comment:

  1. It looks super cool. I really like the colors and how they cooperate with eachother. I love your edges. (I'm studying edges in the Magic Box right now, as I know you are). My only thought was that when I first saw this picture, I thought those things sticking out of his back were wooden stakes impaling him, kind of like he was stuck on a wall of a bug collector. Maybe they'd look a bit more like spikes to me if they stuck out of his body at a more gentle angle, right now it's kind of close to 90 degrees. With the aerodynamic shape of the bird, lay the spikes down closer to the body and maybe add a few more? I really love all the variation in the profile and the sharp graphic shapes you have going. Fun stuff!